Why install LEDs at your workplace?

Why install LEDs at your workplace?

Nowadays, most people spend most of their time at their workplaces rather than at home. Hence, the type of lighting plays a vital role in affecting the productivity and efficiency of the employees. So, it is really important to opt for lighting that maximizes the visibility as well as the efficiency of your employees. LED tube light is a great lighting option for offices and workplaces.

Why LED lights?

Now you must be wondering why LEDs? So, I am gonna tell you all the benefits of choosing LEDs over those obsolete fluorescent lights:

Save more energy

As many organizations start to pay attention to their carbon footprints and impact on the environment, using LEDs is more simple, cost-effective and greenway. LEDs reduce energy consumption and can last for up to 50,000 times longer than the normal halogen light as LEDs convert 95% of their energy to light energy. And tada….. you waste less amount of energy simply by generating heat. With the use of LEDs, you can run your business smoothly with happy employees and employers.

2. Save more money

Who doesn’t love saving money? Running an organization and spending a huge amount of money on electricity bills? LEDs come for your savior. The less energy used, the less the money spent. Switching to Lepro LED lighting fixtures not only reduces your electricity consumption but also your bills. And also, LEDs do not need to be changed too often.

LEDs can also improve your employee’s productivity. Hence, more profit. You also don’t need to worry about making up for those absentees or inefficient employees. Bingo, more money.

3. LEDs may have health benefits.

Apart from saving energy and saving money, LEDs may have certain health benefits too. You and your employees would not like to work in too dim, flickering or too bright light as it can cause stress in your eyes, headache, fatigue. Experts suggest that a proper amount of lighting can reduce the chances of headache, stress, depression, frequent reduction in eyesight and even high blood pressure. Arghh! I know you don’t want that for you and your employees.

Though natural lighting is the best and most beneficial for your health, LEDs are the cleanest source of light energy. With a wide range of colors in LEDs, you can always find a combination closest to the natural color.

4. Improves productivity

Healthier employees will always be more productive. In fact, the layout of an industry is designed in such a way that increases the productivity of employees. Your employees don’t like to work in a dark and dingy room and they won’t be able to concentrate on their work, hence reducing productivity. You won’t like that, right? Whereas imagine a brightly lit room where your employees are working with full concentration hence, increasing productivity. Research suggests LEDs can improve productivity by 5% by helping regulate the circadian rhythm, boost mental awareness and improve focus.

5. Make your staff feel more alert

Today’s timing of the workplace is not fixed. Some employees may come up early in the morning and some may be awake late at night. So, a proper amount of lighting may help them not to fall asleep.

As LEDs are more close to natural light, it affects the body’s circadian rhythm which tells us to be alert making them not fall asleep.

6. Promote CSR (Corporate social responsibility)

Switching to LED lights is a good way for companies in order to commit to corporate social responsibility. LEDs reduce carbon emission, consume less energy and their components can be easily recycled too which is a more greenway.

By using LED lighting, companies can show their commitment to nature as well as their employees. Employees will not have to worry about working in dim light and eyestrain or headache or stress. And it may attract the customers who like to buy things for the environment and socially concerned organizations thereby increasing profits.


Switching to LEDs is a great option for companies as it saves more energy, save your money, increases you and your employee’s productivity, make your staff feel more alert, reduce eyestrain, chances of high blood pressure and headache, have health benefits, promotes CSR and may attract customers who want to shop from more environment and socially conscious company.