All You need to know about 13 Cards Rummy

All You need to know about 13 Cards Rummy

13 cards rummy game is a very popular kind of card game. It is very fun, quick, and easy to learn the game. It is basically played with the help of a deck of 52 cards along with jokers. The minimum number of players needed is 2.

This game is mostly the game of skill and knowledge, the more you play, the more you get better at it.

Playing this game is very simple, each player gets 13 cards each arranged in sequences and sets. It has originated in Asia. You need to balance between strategy and skill to win this game.

What do you mean by sequence and group in 13 cards rummy?

A hand of 3 cards or more of an equivalent rank may be called a group in 13 cards rummy. For Example- 5 of spades, 5 of hearts, 5 of clubs, and 5 of diamonds in one hand will make a group in 13 cards rummy.

Whereas a hand with 3 or more cards of an equivalent rank will make a sequence in 13 cards rummy. For Example- 5 of spades, 4 of hearts, 3 of clubs, and 2 of diamonds will be called a sequence in 13 cards rummy.

Variations for playing 13 cards rummy game

There are two types of variations in which this game could be played-

  • Rummy tournaments-

This variation is usually popular in online games and casinos. In rummy tournament games, there should be a minimum of two players and a maximum of six players on a table or on a virtual table online. The winner of different rounds gets to take the chips of the losing players.

  • Pool rummy-

In this type of rummy game, players need to pay an entry fee to get on the table. They also get awarded points. Each player has its own point limit. The player who gets zero points is awarded as the winner. At the end of the game, the winner collects all the sum collected by the way of entry fee paid by each player.

Important terms for playing the 13 cards rummy game-

  1. Cards-

The Pack of cards has 52 cards and two packs of 52 cards are used to play rummy.

  1. Players-

The number of players to play rummy should be between 2 to 6 players.

  1. Jokers-

13 cards rummy can be played with 1 joker or 2 jokers depending on the variations of the game.

  1. The dealer-

The dealer of the 13 cards rummy is decided through the lottery system. Both players choose one card each from a well-shuffled pack of cards and the player with the lowest card becomes the dealer of the game. However, a dealer is not required in an online rummy game.


13 cards rummy is a very interesting game that can be played anywhere and with anyone like you can play this game with family or friends gatherings. It is a very simple game however you may need some things to know beforehand about this game for being even better at playing this game.