A Buying Guide On LED parking lot lights

A Buying Guide On LED parking lot lights

Keeping the parking lot bright all night can be expensive, especially during the off-season when the daylight hours are short. Finding adequate light distribution throughout the parking lot is another problem that many business owners face.

Dark areas in parking lots can encourage crime. Walking in a poorly lit parking lot makes employees, customers, and other visitors feel unsafe. It can also leave you open to being prosecuted for accidents that occur in areas that do not have enough parking space.

Parking lighting systems installed more than a decade ago can use less efficient lamps and are more expensive to use than other new LED modes. It saves service costs, low maintenance costs, and a long lifespan (> 100,000hrs) and offers LED lighting options with a good ROI that can quickly eliminate your replacement costs.

What color would Kelvin choose for the LED Parking Lot lights?

There are various colors in which LED light is available. Of course:

3000k – warm white color. This is good for all house areas and restaurants.

4000K – natural white light. This is a sharp light that replicates daylight. Suitable for business or other workplaces.

5000K – this is a white light suitable for large and outdoor spaces. 5000K is the most popular color.

What are the different kinds of LED Parking Lot Lights?

Slip Fit Mount

Arm Mount

Flood Mount

Ijoka Mount

All of our parking lighting brackets can be customized to meet your installation methods.

Which transcript is displayed in the parking lot?

Photocell is widely used in LED street lights, in the evening until the sensor goes out to ensure that the light goes out during the day. It is usually a 3 prong blue cap above light at normal or yellow at high power. A removable black pass cap can be used over a photocell for timer use or when turned off. NEMA also allows 5 and 7 prong types for additional features including blurring.

Do I need a lighted copy in the parking lot?

Photocell in the evening until the sensor feels and can ensure that the lights only glow at night. If you are using a digital timer that saves daytime and season time, a photocell is not required. For basic timers it would be a good idea to use both as the photocell can save energy and money.

What are the watts required for starting the LED Parking Lot?

The lights are on, they just replace it

If you have lights in a camp or a place that already exists and are usually well-placed, here are the wattages to use:

To put back the old HID parking lot lights with LED, here is a recommended change; 1500 watt metal halides or HPSs need about 60,000 lamps. Look for LED parking lights around 450watts. 1000 watt metal halides or HPSs require about 40,000 lamps so see Lamps with 300 watts. The 400-watt metal halide led replacement is about 20,000 lumens or our 150 watts LED models. The 250-watt Metal halide or HPS LED replacement is 10,000 lamps so look for 90-100 watt L

How much can you save?