A Buying Guide On LED High Bay Lights

A Buying Guide On LED High Bay Lights


Invented by Thomas Edison lights play a vital role in our daily life. Nowadays there are lots of changes coming to light. Changes in their design, emitting power, and many more. LED or Light Emitting Diode lights became very famous and popular among every household across the world. Various types of LED lights are available in the market. The usage of each light is different and their style and purposes are also different.

LED High Bay Light:

LED high bay lights are mainly designed to be used in larger spaces and suspended from greater heights. Multiple options are also available in LED high bay lights. So when you are going to purchase LED high bay lights you must know all the types and their usage, so that you can buy according to your preference.

To guide you to buy LED high bay lights in this article we have provided a buying guide on LED high bay lights. Go through it for the best purchasing experience.

A Buying Guide On LED High Bay Lights:

Here you go for the factors to consider before buying 100W high bay LED lights:

  1. Linear Or UFO:

Two varieties of LED high bay lights are available and those are Linear and UFO high bay lights.

  • The main difference between the two types of lights is their appearance. While the UFO lights are shaped as UFOs just like the name, on the other hand, the shape of the Linear lights is rectangular.
  • Another difference between them is the beam angle. The beam angle of the UFO lights is 120 degrees. And the linear lights possess a beam angle of 110 degrees. You can adjust the installation angle of the UFO light to set the beam angle whereas you can not do so in the case of linear lights so easily.
  • Here comes another difference that is the installation method. You can hang the UFO lights using a suspension ring or U-shaped bracket and the liner lights need two chains to be suspended.
  1. Illuminance:

The achievement of lighting must be appropriate so that a person can work and live there comfortably. In many places, the department of labor features the standard illuminance for various venues.

  • Such as a minimum of 5fc illuminance is required for corridors or indoor warehouses.
  • Whereas a minimum of 10fc illuminance is needed for the shops or general construction factories.
  • For places such as medical rooms or emergency rescue stations, an illuminance of 30fc is required.
  1. Wattage and lumens:

LED high bay lights are available in various wattages and lumens. While you are going to buy lamps or LED high bay lights then look forward to the number of lumens that the light possesses. LED bay lights of different brands or companies feature different efficiency. And the brightness provided is not always the same for each power. So pay attention to the wattage and the lumens of LED high bay lights while purchasing.

  1. Mounting Heights:

As the mounting heights are different from place to place so know the heights where you will install the lights. The illuminance achieved varies according to the height where it will be placed. Also, calculate the illuminance of the lights you are going to buy.

  1. Space:

The spacing and the number of lights you need depend upon the area of the place. You can calculate it using DIALux and AGI32 that is professional lighting software.


So, above is a buying guide on LED high bay lights that you need to know while purchasing LED high bay lights.